Practice Area

  • Commercial Litigation

      The Aboushi Law Firm meets the dispute-resolution needs of large national and multinational corporations, mid-sized companies, small businesses and individuals. We represent clients at every phase of the trial process, from pre-litigation negotiation through jury trial, bench trial, and appeal. We also pursue mediation, arbitration and other alternative-dispute resolution techniques, when these options enable us to meet our clients’ business objectives.

      Our attorneys provide:

    • Real courtroom experience
    • Comprehensive representation for defendants and plaintiffs in virtually all forms of commercial disputes, in state and federal courts nationwide, and
    • Experience in complex matters and specialized forums involving international arbitration, appeals and class actions
  • Employment Law

      The Aboushi Law Firm provides exceptional legal representation to clients in employment law and employment-related matters in New York throughout the United States, and internationally, counseling and representing executives, employees, professionals, and businesses in cases involving employment law, employment-related litigation, executive compensation, business and regulatory offenses, and corporate investigation matters. We have successfully resolved many employment related cases, including claims for discrimination, retaliations, and for harassment.

  • White Collar Crime

      Our White Collar Defense & Criminal Defense Practice is widely recognized not only for litigating and winning criminal cases, but also for devising creative legal strategies to resolve cases long before they draw public scrutiny. Our attorneys have successfully litigated or resolved cases across the country, at the State and Federal levels.

  • Civil Rights

      Civil Rights are the corner stones of our democracy and freedom. We at the Aboushi Law Firm vigorously pursue civil rights violations on behalf of our clients. We have filed several Civil Rights lawsuits in New York and New Jersey, in both Federal and State Courts. We offer a free consultation to help you access your claim.

  • Immigration

      We handle all phases of immigration including permanent residence, green cards, corporate immigration, family immigration, violations of immigration law, work, training & investor Visas, and deportation defense. Additionally, our staff is fluent in Spanish and Arabic, and serve a diverse community of people from all over the world. We work with clients every step of the way to ensure that the client is satisfied and well informed. We also work with businesses seeking to employ people from all over the world in the United States.

  • Corporate

      The Firm offers consulting for issues or problems related to businesses. Our highly qualified attorneys can assist you in decision making, limiting liability, and managing risk. Retaining an attorney for a long period of time may not make sense for most business. We offer you the flexibility of working one on one with an attorney advisor to help navigate any issues your business faces. We have a range of experience including forming and structing companies, resolving corporate governance issues, negotiating deals and contracts, representing buyers and sellers in mergers and acquitision transactions, and representing investors in joint ventures and private equity deals.

  • Public Interest/Pro-Bono

      We take great pride in maintaining a robust public interest practice. The Aboushi Law firm takes on a number of public interest cases at no charge. We have filed numerous high profile public interest cases. Additionally, we have represented victims of domestic violence pro bono, and assisted in compelling immigration matters at little cost to the Client. The Aboushi Law Firm is always looking for important public interest cases. Feel free to contact the firm with recommendations for possible Pro-Bono public interest cases.

  • Not-for-Profit

      The Firm will walk you through all the steps towards forming and maintaining a not-for-profit organizations. Our attorneys have experience working with organization in all stages and will assist your organization in complying with applicable state and federal laws. We will provide you advice on governance issues, fundraising regulations and any other issues that are specific to the mission of your not-for-profit. Often, not for profits have internal issues to resolve, and we know how to get everyone on the same page so that the organization meets its fullest potential.